Concept design

Central Palletization


Customer wanted to install the Finished goods handling system on new production area. Assumption of the project was to receive the system that will efficiently handle Shipping Case, without affecting quality at every stage of the process. The task was to design, supply and install an automatic system for central palletizing from 26 lines.
Main assumption:
Only carton boxes with weight: around 14÷16 kg,
Capacity: 1 boxes per minut from one line,
Each line can produce different product in this same time.
Shipping Case, without affecting quality at every stage of the process.


The first step was to analyze the products: dimensions and types of cartons and determine the possibility of downloading them. On the basis of the analysis, a pneumatic gripper with mechanical rakes was selected. The next step was to determine the number of robots needed to complete the task. A device was proposed to carry out the presented task to use five robots. Each robotics cell was equipped from four to six conveyors for pallet, and infeed of roller conveyors (Interroll designation system) for transported and bufferink the boxes. the responsibility for the flow of full and empty pallets was the double shutle car.
System was equipment with destacker for empty pallet and infeed conveyor for full load pallet.
The delivered system was equipped in wrapping and labeling machine.


  • Process description,
  • Technical datasheet,
  • List of proposed suppliers,
  • Layouts fitting into available production hall space,
  • Budget estimates,
  • Timeline for implementation.